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About Us

This is the official web page for T-ROY BROUSSARD of the HISTORY CHANNELS hit show, “SWAMP PEOPLE”. T-Roy has 30 years of Alligator hunting in his background and also is a professional Bass Fisherman with the FLW Ray O Vac Circuit and also The Bassmaster Opens division. He is currently sponsored by Ranger Boats, Premier Yamaha Boating Centers, Yamaha Pro Fishing Team, Castaway Rods, Lews Reels, Stiffy Brand Products, and 4×4 Bass Jigs. T-Roy also caters to deluxe Guided Alligator hunts in his “Beast” airboat that is featured on “Swamp People”.



Texas Alligator Hunting in Beaumont, Texas

T-Roy Broussard, the owner of Texas Swamp Stompers has been alligator hunting since he was 13. His father started the alligator hunting service in 1984, when Texas re-opened alligator hunting to the public. T-Roy acquired over 30 years of alligator hunting experience that began when working with his father. In 2006, he took over the business and now runs one of several Texas businesses that focus exclusively on alligator hunting.

Hunting background and experience

T-Roy Broussard: T-Roy was raised in the swamps and marshes of Southeast Texas.  He had his own boat at 8 years old.  It was a 12 foot pirogue with a 3 1/2 horsepower engine. From that early stage in his life he began to learn the ways of the bayou and his love for the outdoors.T-Roy grew up as an avid duck hunter and fisherman along the coastal marshes of Texas. At age 12, he was introduced to competitive duck calling. At age 13, he won the Jr. World Duck Calling championship held in Stuttgart, Arkansas. At age 16 he won the Intermediate title as well.  In 1984 T-Roy was introduced to Alligator hunting when Texas re opened the season.  T-Roy tagged along with his father and learned all that he could for a couple of years. A few days shy of T-Roys 16th Birthday, his father handed him a handful of tags and turned him loose on his own. His first Alligator measured over 10 feet long.  T-Roys largest gator is 13 feet 1 inch, but that first 10 footer will always be his most memorable. Since that first hunt in 1984, T-Roy has hunted thousands of Alligators and continues to hone his skills into becoming one of the best in the business.

Preparing for an exciting hunting experience

Texas Swamp Stompers has access to several thousand acres of prime alligator habitat and takes hunters out by airboat, outboard, and ATV. T-Roy Broussard has done interviews about alligator hunting with professionals on the History Channel and the show Swamp People.

A good hunter is also a safe hunter, and Texas Swamp Stompers requires people to adhere to safety regulations for their own protection. Alligator hunting is a dangerous sport that can be completely safe when following basic rules, such as—

  • All firearms must be checked in before boarding truck, boat, or ATV
  • Firearms must not be loaded until ready to shoot
  • Do not set down any small items while engine on airboat is running
  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Follow the direction of your guides

    What to bring for alligator hunting

    • Texas hunting license

    • Camera

    • Ice chest to put meat in

    • Hat (It is extremely hot )
    • Light colored clothing

    • Rubber knee boots

    • Firearm of your choosing or we can provide one
    • Hollow point ammunition or bonded ammo (Recommended caliber for pistol is .40, rifle is 30/30)
    • Personal ear protection if your preference other than ear muffsFor more information or to schedule a hunting excursion, call 409-466-3574 or  contact us online.Serving clients from Canada, internationally, nationwide and regionally in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, Bridge City, Winnie, Nederland, Port Neches, Groves, Jasper, Kountze, Houston, Texas City, Baytown, Galveston, Hampshire Fannett, and Lumberton, Texasall 409-466-3574